Cnoles was established in 2010. We are artisans who design, make and sell bags and more for love.



Cnoles brand originated in France and landed in Los Angeles, USA. Specializing in leather bags, shoes, accessories, and other products, Adhering to the design concept of “Design For Life”, Treating product design as an art of living; Insist on making products with soul, Insist on creating fashionable shoes and bags with elegant style and practicality.

Since the establishment of the brand, it has won the CCTV old story “Ingenuity” column exhibition enterprise and CCTV “Focus” column exhibition enterprise and won the 2021 USA Influential Brand of the Year


Production Design

Cnoles embraces the ethos of "Design For Life," infusing artistry into every creation. Their leather bags, shoes, and accessories are a harmonious blend of innate elegance and practicality.


Cnoles stands committed to the essence of light luxury. Their products epitomize luxury in the details, achieved through unwavering dedication to meticulous craftsmanship.

Marketing and selling

Cnoles, born in France and flourishing in Los Angeles, exemplifies a fearless attitude towards life. With awards like the "Ingenuity" column and "Focus" column exhibitions, along with being honored as the 2021 USA Influential Brand of the Year, Cnoles is a symbol of fashionable individuality