Uncovering the meaning of “gay terminology otter

Uncovering the meaning of “gay terminology otter

When it comes to dating, we have all their choices. some individuals are into old-fashioned relationship, while others choose the more unconventional techniques. no matter what style of dating some body is into, there was one kind of dating that is constantly popular – dating through the internet. one of the most popular online dating sites on the internet is gaytermology.com. this web site is made specifically for gay singles and offers an array of information and resources for all those looking to find love. probably one of the most popular options that come with gaytermology.com could be the “gay terminology otter.” this otter is a superb resource for those looking to find out more about the different terms utilized when talking about homosexuality. the “gay terminology otter” is divided in to three parts – general terms, intimate terms, and nicknames. in each part, there are a listing of terms and definitions, along with a summary of related terms. general terms

bromance – a detailed and supportive relationship between two men

butch – a lesbian who identifies as masculine, typically using masculine clothing and behaving in a masculine manner

cock – a guy’s penis

drag – to execute in a way that is intentionally exaggerated or theatrical

gay – a person who is interested in people of the same sex

gaydar – the ability to sense or detect somebody’s sexual orientation

gaylord – a derogatory term always explain a gay guy

genderqueer – a sex identity that doesn’t conform to the standard female or male sex functions

lesbian – a female that is interested in other ladies

lgb – lesbian, gay, bisexual

msm – men who have sex with guys

right – a person who just isn’t drawn to individuals of the same gender

intimate terms

restroom break – a period to go out of the space and possess privacy for sexual activity

cock-sucking – a sex where a person sucks the penis of some other man

cum – sperm

fag – a derogatory term used to describe a gay guy

fag hag – a derogatory term always explain a female who is sexually promiscuous with gay guys

fag – a smoking

faggot – a derogatory term used to describe a gay man

fellatio – oral intercourse performed on a person

fisting – insertion of the hand into the vagina or anal area

foreskin – the external skin in the penis that is eliminated before circumcision

gangbang – a sexual activity where a few males participate at the same time

gf – a term regularly explain a sexual partner who is not an informal or casual dating partner

hang out – to pay time with some one with no particular plans

homosexual – a person who is sexually interested in folks of exactly the same sex

incest – sexual activity between family relations

hair laser removal – a treatment that makes use of a laser to get rid of locks from certain body parts

lesbian kiss – a kiss on lips between two ladies

man-on-man – sexual activity between two males

milf – mom I would ike to bang

piss – urine

pornography – photos or videos which can be intended to arouse or excite

queer – an umbrella term which includes those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or every other non-heterosexual orientation

swingers – those who participate in sexual intercourse with others within the hope of forming a more permanent relationship

threesome – a sex in which three people participate


bear – a man that is physically and emotionally strong

friend – a guy who’s near to some one

butch – a lesbian who identifies as masculine, typically using masculine clothes and behaving in a masculine manner

cocky – arrogant or self-assured

daddy – a man who is responsible for supplying monetary and emotional help to a female

dirty – intimately promiscuous

dude – a man who is perhaps not especially formal or polite

fag – a tobacco cigarette

fluffer – a person who provides support and convenience to some one during an arduous or embarrassing situation

gaylord – a derogatory term used to describe a gay man

girlfriend – a term accustomed explain an intimate partner who’s not an informal or casual dating partner

girlfriend experience – a sex where a woman isn’t the penetrative partner, but participates in the task for the intended purpose of experiencing something brand new

goth – a method of clothing and makeup products that’s typically associated with the dark part of moon

guy – a man

man friend – a male buddy

horny – sexually aroused

in the mood – prepared for sex

jock – a guy who is actually strong

enthusiast – a term always describe a person who is in a committed, partnership with somebody

man-on-man – intercourse between two males

milf – mother i’d like to bang

perv – someone

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